Friday, November 27, 2009

11/27/09 Midday Report: Dubai? Do Sell.

Money Mcbags hopes you all had a good Thanksgiving and were able to "stuff a turkey" thanksgiving night after stuffing yourself with turkey thanksgiving day.  But Thanksgiving is over now and the markets are taking a dive because apparently Dubai can't pay off their debts.  Honestly, this is about as surprising as finding out strippers aren't dancing just to put themselves through college and Britney Spears had boob implants.

For those of you who haven't been paying attention, we're in a bit of a global recession led by financial derivatives exciting a real estate boom.  Over that time, one of the most developing countries was Dubai who now features one skyscraper per every two people (I get floors 1-50, you can have 51-99, and floor 100 we'll just turn into our own personal oda).  Well now apparently Dubai World (the investment are of the Dubai government) wants to suspend their repayments of $60B of debt.  Uh oh, UAE we have a problem.

Money McBags isn't too concered over this since it should have been baked into forecasts.  Dubai having debt issues caused by construction has been known for quite awhile, just ask small public construction management companies like HIL (and Money McBags thinks HIL is a nice little play for you small cap ladies out there looking to add some "steel rods to your portfolio" with little inventory risk.  Actually, it would even be a good play for the guys too.).  The point of all of this is we are still in turbulent times and commercial real estate is still overvalued whether it's in the US, Dubai, or Uzbekistan since we are in a global economy.  So as always be smart out there and remember, Money McBags is here for you.


Anonymous said...

That bitch David merkel at Aleph blog stole your headline. Actually, the reverse is more likely.

Money McBags said...


Money McBags can assure you of 3 things:

1. He never steals his commentary from anyone and I mean anyone. I have no idea who David Merkel is or what the fuck Aleph is but I can assure he either took my headline (and I feel oh so violated, like Taylor Rain in a CFF video) or we both came up with the obvious joke. And it’s an obvious joke because how many funny headlines can really be written about Dubai? I guess “Smoking a Dubai” would work if Dubai sounded more like Doobey. Or “Don’t-Bai.” Or simply, “Fuck Dubai.”

Hey, I’ll give this fuck face david merkel the benefit of the doubt, but find out at what time he posted his shitstained commentary and compare it with mine (And I posted my commentary at 1:12pm).

I did go to that Aleph site just now to see what the fuck was up but I only made it through 1 sentence before I wanted to stick my head in an oven, turn it up to broil, and go long WGO with my entire fortune (and this week Money McBags will likely be presenting his short WGO case on this Blog so if that merkel boner posts a WGO short this week before Money McBags does, you'll know he's stealing my shit). The point is, who would read stuff that sucks like that anyway (no offense to you anonymous, I am sure you were just reading it to cure your insomnia or get stupider)?

2. This won’t be the first time blogs steal Money McBags’ lines or ideas now that he is giving his insights to the public. That’s cool, Money McBags is frequently quoted but at least give Money the fucking credit, you hear that dickbags? Use my stuff all you want but at least tickle my balls a bit if you’re going to do so (and if you’re going to tickle my balls, may I suggest either using a feather or Natalie Portman’s tongue).

3. Hayley Atwell is ridiculously hot. Just keep your eyes out for her, she is going to be a huge star. And if not, Money McBags is anxiously awaiting her SkinaMax debut.