Friday, November 20, 2009

What the fuck this blog is

Money McBags is starting this blog because there are too few dick jokes out there having to do with finance. There are not enough jokes about Ito and his Lemma (or Judge Ito and his dilemma which was that he had to let OJ go even though he was guilty), not enough jokes about Asset Backed Securities (and Money loves him some back assets), and clearly not enough jokes about the merger of Dick's and Chick's from 2007.

It's not clear what this blog will evolve (or devolve) in to, but there will be three constants:

1. Smart analysis and commentary of the markets and/or stock picks.
2. Dick jokes, dick jokes, and more dick jokes.
3. Information that will help make your "portfolio" rise.

Why shoud you listen to Money McBags on this random internet blog? It's very simple.

Money McBags knows the differences between Black-Sholes and Dr. Scholls, heck he even knows the difference between Fisher Black, The Fisher King, and Fisher Price.

Money McBags also knows that John Maynard Keynes was the shiznit and Milton Friedman suffered from profit envy.

Most importantly though, Money McBags knows that there are inefficiencies in the market and he is here to help you exploit them while hopefully making you laugh.

So while this blog is in its nascent stage, stick with it as Money McBags is here to help you understand Wall Street in all it's lunacy.

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